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Diary Overview

Sox News interview with Bo Braxton, the neighborhood watchman of the community of Greenwood. Greenwood has had some strange occurrences happening at night, and Mr. Braxton wanted to get the word out that everything might not be as it seems.


We sent our own Brandi Carse to the site to interview him and shed some light on the developing situation.


Brandi: I’m here with Bo Braxton, neighborhood watchman of the community of Greenwood, who says there are some strange -

Bo: Officer Bo Braxton here. Ma’am it is way more than some strange –

Brandi: Sir please don’t cut me off –

Bo: Occurrences. This is a full-on invasion! I’m talking cars getting vandalized, entire houses destroyed, and graffiti appearing in full force –

Brandi: If I could just –

Bo: Everywhere! These punks are coming out of the woodwork every damn night! We need to get the army, the air force, the –

Brandi: You need to slow –

Bo: Muffin Cracking Marines! I have it all documented here in this Dossier here. We need to get this information out to the pub –

Brandi: And that’s all the time we have! Keep checking back for more information as we dive into the crazy rambl- the journal of this brave night watchman!